Soul Exchange.
Heavy raw funk from Berlin and finest electro soul from Prague. Visual style for special exchange event based on morphing of the state border shapes.
When Prague
comes to Bratislava.
Special event organized under the patronage of the capital city of Prague in Slovakian capital.
The place which
stays in your memory.
Logo and visual identity for Prague based theatre and live music club Studio Paměť.
Authentic leather
products by Thery.
New visual face for small independent label of quality handmade leather products.
All you need
is dance.
More than three years of work on a magazine "Taneční Zóna / Dancing Zone" dedicated to the motion theater and dance culture.
Next Wave –
The naked nation.
Czech festival of alternative theatre and music Next Wave 2016.
The city
and the hill.
Branding and visual concept for the Liberec city based on the mountain called Ještěd.
Focused on
documentary production.
Insitute of Documentary Film and their every year raw-cut workshop.
Next Wave –
Under the terror!
Czech festival of alternative theatre and music Next Wave 2015.

My name is Petr Kněžek. I’m Prague × Bologna
based graphic designer / art director specialising
in visual identities, branding, editorial design
and typography, especially in cultural area.
Alternative and independent non-profit
projects are very welcome.